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August 2016

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Instagram is one of the most popu- lar social media networks for teens*, and while you may not think of it as a teaching tool, there are a variety of appli- cations for this photo and video sharing app in the classroom. Using Instagram also lets you incor- porate lessons on digital citizenship, including privacy, safety, ethics, neti- quette and cyberbullying. In some cases, you can have students work in teams with a single smartphone/Instagram account to make sure those without either are included. Here are five ideas to get you started: Set up a class account Create a private class account for students and parents only. Use it to post class work, assignments, examples, important announcements and more. Add a hashtag like #MrsAlhambraGeometry3 to make your posts searchable by the class and allow students to contribute posts as well. Show and tell This learning game is a classic, and now, thanks to Instagram, students can share pictures instead of actually having to bring a physical item to class. This can work with experiences as well as objects, meaning students can show where they've traveled or what they did as well as showing objects. Writing activities Share an interesting photo and have students come up with creative captions in the comments. Give a prize to the team with the best caption! You can also post a photo or two as a quiz: Ask questions about the picture and how it relates to what you are studying; reward students for using key vocabulary and/or concepts discussed. Public speaking Have students practice their public speaking skills by assigning a different student each day to create a short videocast announcing class assignments and class news. *As per Instagram's usage Terms and Conditions, children up to 13 years of age are not allowed to own an Instagram account. Showcase students and student work Feature a student of the week, with a short bio and some details about their work. Throughout the year, showcase pictures of students' work in as many areas as possible, from art to science to special projects. By TERRY NG 14 15 16 17 18 17 August 2016 tech tips 5 ways to use Instagram in the classroom in the know

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