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Our Facebook post that referenced an NPREd story on first-year teachers and their need for mentors resonated with members. The story noted that one in 10 educators leaves the classroom by the end of their first year — but that mentors can make all the difference. Some members took the opportunity to thank their men- tors in their responses: LINDA NIELSEN So true. My mentor was Joanne Scrima. KAREN JOHNNY MARTZ So true! Love you, Jane Conley McGrath! HOLIDAY WOODWARD The best mentors are oen not even officially listed as mentors within a school district. That person might be the teacher in the classroom next door, the retired teacher who has been through the mill, and even the other experienced, "new" teacher on campus from another state. Cooperation and mentorship is essential — crucial — to the teaching profession. JOELLEN BATSCH Cheryl Cross-Huey and Nanci Carter Slattery were honestly the best people to enter my life that challenging first year. VALORIE LUKE Denise James, thank you. KAT KAMMERER Thanks, Maja Stu Word and Armenta Jewel. MARIBEL SOLIS Jereme Adriana Weischedel... thank you AD!! Hubbub About Recess Editor's Note: We received several letters regarding our story on recess in the May 2016 issue ("Reclaiming Recess," page 20). We'd like to clarify a few misconcep- tions about Playworks, which partners with low-income schools and educators to provide safe, healthy and fun play during recess. Playworks is a nonprofit organization, not a for-profit corporation. From our report- ing, it does not privatize education. It was recognized in 2015 as a "top nonprofit" by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations. Playworks deals with recess, not PE. To the best of our knowledge, its "recess coaches" have not replaced any school employees, includ- ing classified employees and credentialed teachers. (Play- works staff are not allowed to supervise school playgrounds, so school employees are always on hand.) Playworks provides teachers with resources and training at many sites so they can manage recess better — at some sites on their own. Thanks to everyone for reading. Educators Are Everywhere Our contest pulled in many fine photos of members on summer travel holding the magazine. We've got winners and honorable mentions, including REBECCA SOUTHWICK, Porterville Educators Asso- ciation, Pioneer Middle School, pictured on the Sólheimajökull Glacier in southern Iceland. See more on page 54. Y O U R O P I N I O N S A R E W E L C O M E ! We accept email and letters (250-word limit); and we excerpt user posts from CTA social media platforms. All text is subject to editing for clarity and space. If you send photos or other materials, identifications and permissions are required.; #WeAreCTA feedback Survey Says… We want your help in making the Educator better for you. Tell us what you think — both overall and about specific subjects and sections. Take our online survey at by Sept. 25 and be eligible to win an iPad. 3 August 2016

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