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August 2016

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63 FOSTER CURIOSITY. Set an atmosphere for students that encourages curiosity and doesn't stifle it. 64 INSPIRE AN ATTITUDE. Smile! You have the opportunity to help students determine whether school is drudgery or a serious undertaking that can have its fun moments. Give students the impression that being in class is positive. 65 DON'T OVERLOOK THE GIFTED. If you determine you have students who could be considered gifted, make arrangements to have them tested and to meet their specific abilities. 66 COMMUNICATE WITH PARENTS EARLY AND OFTEN. Determine how you will involve parents in your students' education. In your initial contact, introduce yourself and tell them a little about you. Include your policy on home- work, classroom expectations and behavior. Let parents know when you are available and how to contact you; ver- ify that you have their correct email addresses. Consider a monthly email newsletter, blog and/or classroom notifica- tion system, such as or CTA has resources to help. 67 SHARING ABOUT YOU. Do not give parents or students your cellphone number. Communicate with students via email or a learning management system such as or 68 HEALTH-RELATED TASKS AND YOUR STUDENTS. Con- sult with your school nurse on how to handle students with special health problems. Some students have a health plan, which the school nurse will contact you about. If asked to perform health-related tasks, consult your site representative immediately. 69 JOIN YOUR LOCAL CTA. Join your local chapter for sup- port and networking with people who know what you're going through, and for valuable resources. CTA and NEA offer a wide variety of instructional resources, websites, conferences and staff support. 70 SET A POSITIVE TONE. Send a positive note home with every student at some time during each grading period. Catch the kids being good! 71 AND FINALLY... Keep these three qualities of good teaching in mind: be flexible, be patient, and have a sense of humor. 45 August 2016

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