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Compiled by MIKE MYSLINSKI Quotes & Numbers "This is a teachable moment. Our work clearly isn't done. That's why CTA members stand with all education and community stakeholders in campaigning to pass Prop. 55. Our students deserve no less." — CTA Board member and Fremont educator G R E G B O NAC C O R S I, speaking at the Aug. 30 Yes on 55 local campaign kickoff in San Francisco. " Voters are urged to vote yes on Prop. 55. In the decade-plus this extended 'temporary' tax will buy, they must demand that legislators get serious about reforming California's tax system to bring stability and accountability to state finances." — From a Sept. 1 editorial by the Bakersfield Californian, urging support for the California Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act, Prop. 55. "Prop. 55 is a critical investment for our children and for our state's future — one we cannot afford to lose. Public schools and colleges are just starting to come back from the devastating cuts made during the recession, and unless we pass this measure to extend the current tax rates on wealthiest Californians, our schools and students will again lose billions of dollars." — Lake Elsinore Teachers Association President B I L L C AVA NAU G H, at an Aug. 25 Yes on 55 media event in Riverside County. "Over the past 20 years, California's economy has rapidly globalized, and our state became an international trade powerhouse. Students must learn English, but knowledge of more than one language opens new doors of opportunity. A second language skill promotes higher levels of abstract thought, memory retention and cognitive development." — Yes on Prop. 58 op-ed in the Aug. 5 San Diego Union-Tribune by state Sen. M A RT Y B L O C K and Assembly Member L O R E NA G O N Z A L E Z, co-sponsors of the CTA-backed LEARN Initiative on the Nov. 8 ballot. "When teachers feel protected, they can stand up for their students. It's a good day for students and for educators." — CTA President E R I C H E I NS, in an Aug. 22 San Francisco Chronicle story about the California Supreme Court's refusal to review the flawed Vergara v. California lawsuit, an unsuccessful attempt to dismantle teachers' job protections. Oct. 24 Last day to register to vote in the Nov. 8 California election. Registration is available online at 25 Number of local measures on the ballot in San Francisco this November, not including the 17 statewide ballot initiatives. 700,000 Approximate number of voters who registered with the California Democratic Party between January and July of this year, a surge that means about 45 percent of the state's registered voters are now Democrats, the highest percentage in more than a decade, the Sacramento Bee reported Aug. 22. 312 Small number of California public schools, out of 10,393 existing schools, that offer students the kind of valuable multilingual programs that Proposition 58 will greatly increase, according to the California Department of Education. 85% Percentage of Donald Trump presidential campaign statements that are half true, mostly false, false, or in the "pants on fire" realm of lies, as of Sept. 5, according to PolitiFact, which won a 2009 Pulitzer Prize for its fact-checking work. 13 September 2016 in the know e Numbers

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