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September 2016

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Celebrating 60 in Style M A RYA N N VO L M E RT Royal Oaks Elementary School teacher D U A RT E U N I F I E D E D U C AT I O N A S S O C I AT I O N In celebration of my 60th year of life being completed, I finally had the opportunity and money saved to go to Europe. Here I am in Boppard, Germany, at a fortification built during the Roman occupation of western Germany. I was so amazed that things this old sur vive. Attending Freshman Orientation E L SA C L A R K Philadelphia Elementary School teacher A S S O C I AT E D P O M O N A T E AC H E RS I am next to a hippopotamus — one of the school's mascots — at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., for my son's freshman orientation. It was exciting to see 500 other teenagers eager to start their uni- versity life. I prepared a PowerPoint from my trip to show students the possibility of where they could attend college. Journeying for Journalism J OYC E F E U E R B O R N ( L E F T ) Godinez High School journalism/ English teacher SA N TA A N A E D U C ATO RS A S S O C I AT I O N L I SA G E R S B AC H E R El Camino Real High School science teacher A S S O C I AT I O N O F P L AC E N T I A - L I N DA E D U C ATO RS Joyce: We're at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas at the end of a self-guided food tour. I went to Vegas to attend the Journalism Education Association Advisers Institute and get some assistance with implementing an online newspaper at my school. It was so fun! The conference was a sellout with 150 journalism advis- ers from across the country attending. Chillin' in the Dominican C H R I S T O P H E R P O P E Annie Mitchell Elementary School teacher V I SA L I A U N I F I E D T E AC H E RS A S S O C I AT I O N My wife and I decided to visit Punta Cana for our wedding anniversary. The Dominican is famous for pristine white beaches and tropical weather. We wanted a sanctuary, and Punta Cana exceeded our expectations. As an educator, I know how important it is to have some time in the sum- mer to relax. During the school year we give and give, and if we don't take some time for ourselves, when the school year starts we are depleted and have nothing to offer our students. This year I have a new exciting discovery to share: My wife and I hiked into a cave with a huge lake. The chemical makeup of the water made it easy to float. What a great research project! Checking Out a 'Ghost' of a Town M I C H A E L M cQUA DE Wilcox High School science teacher U N I T E D T E AC H E RS O F SA N TA C L A R A Visiting the ghost town of Bodie, an original mining town from the late 1800s. What's left today stands in a state of arrested decay and is maintained by the California State Parks System, which took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park. 41 September 2016

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