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She found that one of the perks of being a site rep was helping select a new principal at her school. Clark ser ved on a panel of 11 employees who narrowed the pool to just four candidates. She felt honored to be part of the selection process. Being a site rep also involves inter vening during disagreements between staff and administrators. Working with students with disabilities has given her the skill set to defuse difficult situations. "Sometimes you just have to help people to calm down, sit back and listen. Some- times people go on the defensive, and you try to help them to think clearly." I have made a difference... by making the school safer, especially for special education staff. I was instru- mental in getting locks on the gates and signage to keep the gates closed at all times and letting staff use walkie-talkies for emergencies. When you become a site rep… you become more involved not only with your job, but with your community of co-workers. You have a say. You can make changes. You have a stronger voice. I advise anyone to consider becoming a rep at their school. Know Your Weingarten Rights IMPORTANT: If you are called into a meeting by an administrator that might lead to disciplinary action, contact your site rep immedi- ately. Under the Weingarten rule, union employees have the right to the presence of a union representative at a meeting where there is a reasonable expectation that discipline may result. The employee must request representation, or the right is waived. KRISTINE CLARK Willow Elementary School special education paraprofessional L A S V I R G E N E S C L A S S I F I E D A S S O C I AT I O N PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS? Are you a site rep? What's your experi- ence, your opinion about your role? Why do you do it ? Tell us at or @WeAreCTA. 49 September 2016 PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS? Look for this site rep sign at your school.

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