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JUNE /JULY 2012 CONTENTS FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE 23 CAMPAIGN 2012 23 24 25 See the Campaign 2012 webpage Corporate Power Grab = Special Exemptions Act Why Republicans support the tax initiative 28 ACTION 28 30 31 32 State Council walks the talk State Council OKs Teacher Evaluation Framework CTA's road map for the future Fifteen honored for media excellence 34 MAKING A DIFFERENCE 8 THE DRUG OF CHOICE 34 36 37 Use of marijuana (now considered a prescription medication) and other drugs is on the rise. Diane Farthing, a Pleasanton health teacher, shows the effect of drugs on the brain's neurotransmitters. 38 40 42 Your retirement is worth saving! NEA Foundation grants Meet your local negotiators 38 TAKING A STAND 44 EXTRA CREDIT 44 46 ON THE COVER DRUG OF CHOICE 'LEGAL' DRUGS HURT STUDENT LEARNING FEATURE PAGE 8 SHOULD WE TEACH CURSIVE? 2 MEMBERS SHARE THEIR VIEWS EXTRA CREDIT PAGE 44 PLUS REPUBLICANS SUPPORT TAXES NEWS MEDIA HONORED BLADES OF GLORY 25 32 46 16 JAPANESE AMERICAN INTERNMENT Jenny Chomori's students learn about the wartime internment of Japanese Americans 70 years ago. 19 ARE YOU CULTURALLY COMPETENT? Teachers like Ann Jayne try to raise awareness by making curriculum culturally relevant to their students. » PAGE 19 INCREASE UNDERSTANDING AND LEARNING June /July 2012 Volume 16 Issue 9 A day at the Capitol with CTA leaders Revised budget raises stakes for schools in November election Bargaining updates Should students still be learning cursive? Blades of glory FRAMEWORK » PAGE 30 EVALUATION CULTURALLY ARE YOU COMPETENT? ELECTRIFIES CHEMISTRY CLASS + GRANT » PAGE 36 TEACHERS CREATE Mykayla Martin raises her hand in Ann Jayne's classroom in Tracy. June/July 2012 3

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