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Compiled by Mike Myslinski Quotes & Numbers "Have we stopped bleeding since 2012? Yes, but the problem still exists. The wound is still there." — SHAY LOHMAN, president of the Association of Rowland Educators, about the need to pass Proposition 55 to heal massive California cuts to education that hit during the recession, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times Oct. 10. "Without it, we're going to see more cutbacks like we saw before, and that's not good for children. And what's not good for children is not good for our country." — CELESTE STROUD, a teacher at Calwa Elementary in Fresno, on the need to pass Prop. 55 on Nov. 8. She took part in a national day of action Oct. 6 to protect public education, and was quoted in the Fresno Bee. "This ballot measure isn't only about how best to help native Spanish speakers become proficient in English. It's also about giving more options to parents who want their kids to be in dual immersion programs for Mandarin and other languages, as well as Spanish." — Sept. 25 Fresno Bee editorial urging YES ON PROPOSITION 58, the LEARN (Language Education, Acquisition and Readiness Now) initiative. "I see this as an amazing experience for my kids, which I didn't think we would ever be able to offer them here in San Francisco." — San Francisco Unified social worker HARINI MADHAVAN, praising a city home loan assistance program for educators that helped her purchase a single-family home in town despite soaring prices, quoted in the Oct. 9 San Francisco Chronicle. "This is the children's garden. We try to get them invested in it. Everything here has a story." — Veteran third-grade science teacher SUSAN BARKDOLL at North Verdemont Elementary in San Bernardino. She is one of nine state finalists for the prestigious 2016 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, as reported in the Sept. 28 San Bernardino Sun. 12 in the know 63% Percentage of registered California voters who support the Common Core State Standards, either strongly or somewhat strongly, according to a new poll commissioned by Oakland-based nonprofit advocacy group Children Now, EdSource reported Oct. 10. 7 Number of school days Yuba City Teachers Association members were on strike in September. The successful action resulted in raises of 11.1 percent over three years. (See story, page 34.) 300,000 Estimated number of new teachers that school districts nationwide need to hire annually through the 2017-18 school year, according to a new study by the Palo Alto- based Learning Policy Institute about the nation's severe teacher shortage. 75 Approximate number of California school districts going meatless in their cafeterias on certain days, including eight in the Inland Empire, the Riverside Press- Enterprise reported Oct. 7. 1/4 mile "Part-time" buffer zone proposed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to protect schools from dangerous agricultural pesticides. Parents and others want a full-time 1-mile no-spray buffer zone as the Nov. 17 deadline for public comment on the new regulations looms. See updates at e Numbers

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