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October 2016

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S T U D I E S H AV E S H O W N that more than 50 percent of students are auditory learners. is explains why they can remember every word of Drake's latest rap song, but can't recall the test terms they've been reading all week. Hearing you clearly is critical to their learning expe- rience, and a voice amplifier can ensure that those in the back of the classroom hear everything you're saying as clearly as those in the front. Also, with large classes, or if you're naturally soft-spoken, raising the volume of your voice is a must, putting additional strain on your vocal cords and throat muscles throughout the day. A voice amplifier will help reduce the strain and energy required, leaving you less tired after a long day of teaching. Voice amplifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most are por- table and can be worn on a belt or put inside a pocket, and will last through a full day of teaching before needing to recharge. Hisonic HS120B $120 42 teaching & learning Amp It Up Help Students Hear Better While Taking Care of Your Voice By Terry Ng Croove Rechargeable Voice Amplifier $40 DinoFire Digital Voice Amplifier $24 tech tips Our picks of the best voice amplifiers for educators:

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