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Compiled by Mike Myslinski Quotes & Numbers $4 billion – $9 billion Estimate of the state revenue per year to be generated for 12 years by CTA-backed Proposition 55 for schools and better access to health care for low-income families. The exact amount depends on the economy and stock market, says the Legislative Analyst's Office. 701 Number of hateful harassment incidents against minorities, women, immigrants, students and others nationwide, including from California, compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the first week after Donald Trump was elected president. See the SPLC Nov. 18 report at 2 million Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump in the national popular vote, Politico reported Nov. 23. 65.5% Percentage of California's 19.4 million registered voters who cast ballots in the November general election (as reported at press time), meaning that 34.5 percent did not vote. 1.4 million Number of K-12 English learners in California. They will benefit from passage of CTA-supported Prop. 58, because schools are no longer required to teach them in English-only programs and can use a variety of effective methods, including bilingual programs. "California voters support public schools and are willing to stand up for our students." — CTA President ERIC HEINS, quoted by EdSource on Nov. 9 about teacher-backed Propositions 55 and 58 passing by strong margins on Election Day. "We've spent a year and a half bringing together millions of people to say with one voice that we believe that the American dream is big enough for everyone — for people of all races and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people, and people with disabilities. So now, our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer America we seek. I know you will." — HILL ARY CLINTON, from her Nov. 9 concession speech. "California has, and will always maintain, strong legal and state constitutional protections against any and all kinds of discrimination, regardless of a student's race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. And I want to tell young women and girls that they will always be safe, respected and protected at school." — State Superintendent of Public Instruction TOM TORL AKSON, in a Nov. 10 news release. "Educators are witnessing firsthand the hate speech and hostile acts inspired by Donald Trump's rhetoric directed at our students. All students have a right to feel welcome and valued in our schools and deser ve safe learning environments. Trump must call for an end to the toxic rhetoric and violent incidents and commit to the values that unite us: respect, kindness and dignity." — NEA President LILY ESKELSEN GARCÍA, in a Nov. 18 news release, urging educators to sign a pledge that schools will be safe havens (see story on page 11). "Everyone belongs here." — Homemade sign with a rainbow-colored heart held by 7-year-old OLIVIA R ALLSTON in reaction to an incident where racist graffiti was written on walls of her elementary school in Alameda after the election, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle on Nov. 14. She joined community members greeting students with messages of hope. 12 in the know e Numbers

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