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November / December 2016

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will require special day class or res ource t each ers l at er on. Regardless of their ability levels and needs, she believes, all her students benefit from special education preschool. " When I see the progress being made and then hear f r o m p a r e n t s a b o u t h o w they 've noticed their child's improvement, it makes me feel good," says the Anaheim Elementary Education Asso- ciation member. Bosheff has a bachelor's degree in child development. Her early child- hood special education credential allows her to teach children with disabilities from birth to age 5. She is a certified behavior intervention case manager, and she has a master's in education with an emphasis on special education. Most impressive are her dedication, unending patience, and unshakable belief that all children can learn and adults should celebrate milestones both big and small. 17 November / December 2016 Special Day Preschool Hope Bosheff says parents are relieved to learn special day preschool is similar to other pre- schools and aligned as much as possible with the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the new state standards. "Preschool special day class teachers are required to complete a state assessment of each child in their class twice a year," she says. " They submit progress reports each tri- mester. They also write and implement an IEP [Individualized Education Program] for each child annually." Having a young child with challenges can be emotionally difficult for parents. Bosheff keeps a box of tissues handy when she meets with them. "When they ask questions such as 'When is my child going to talk?' it's hard. I reassure par- ents we will see progress. It might not always be in big steps. Skills might be acquired in smaller steps." Bosheff strives to make learning "fun, real, interesting and alive." Continued on page 55

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