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By @samdemuro #OurVoiceOurUnion #WeAreCTA For our full social media directory, see connect with us! wearecta @WeAreCTA californiateachers @WeAreCTA WeAreCTA Connect With Facebook Live Facebook Live is a way to broadcast a video in real time, posted directly to your wall. Viewers — your Facebook friends — receive a notification when you start broadcasting, and can comment and give immediate feedback. Educators are using Facebook Live to connect with other educators. They share classroom management tips, lesson plans and other resources. Most promote the topic, along with the day and time when they will be "live," so you can go to their Facebook page to tune in. Some even bring on other educators to have a panel-type broadcast. If you miss the live video, Facebook posts the video and you're still able to access it. Interested in broadcasting your own video? Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi, good lighting and a fully charged phone or device (Facebook Live only works on an app on your phone or tablet). Check out how NEA utilized Facebook Live for their November 2016 conversation "Addressing Bias and Hate in Schools" at Glossary tl;dr: " Too long; didn't read" is used to identify excessive wordiness, and to suggest a short summary or sentence is needed. Listicle: A kind of article presented in a numbered or bullet point list form. Digital Detox: A period of time when a person refrains from using smartphones, computers, social media, etc., to reduce stress and focus on in-person interactions. Oversharer: Someone who discloses too much private information on social media. Subject to opinion. Regram: The act of reposting another Instagram user 's image or video on your Instagram. While the Instagram app doesn't allow you to do this within their app, you can download the Repost app and others that will help you "regram." IRL: "In Real Life" is used most often to refer to Instagram or Pinterest posts that seem glamorous or easy with the help of filters and perfectly positioned cameras, but don't work that way IRL. Meme of the Month T W E E T E D 15 January / February 2017 digital buzz in the know Video from NEA's "Addressing Bias and Hate in Schools," broadcast with Facebook Live.

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