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January / February 2017

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Make Your School a Safe Zone Our schools should be havens — every student deserves a safe, welcoming, affirming learning environment. Unfortunately, the recent increase in hate speech and hostile acts directed at stu- dents in schools has left many students feeling scared and anxious. Want to create a Safe Zone at your school? Check out our toolkit at for information and resources. It includes a sample school board resolution that supports schools as Safe Zones, and posters that can be printed and displayed in classrooms and around school. Steps you can take right now: • Take the pledge to create safe learning environ- ments for every student at • Report hate incidents at your school. • Read our tips on how educators can respond to hateful words, actions and images in school in the November/December 2016 Educator, page 11, at • Learn about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, their impact on public education, and what you can do, at • Know your responsibilities as an educator to pro- vide all students with access to equal education. See • Download NEA's bully-free toolkits for education support professionals, who often notice bullying before others, at • Urge your schools and districts to make available resources for students to know their rights and what they should do if they (and their families) are contacted by ICE. Cut out the sign on the facing page and post in your classroom or school. 50 teaching & learning FIND YOUR DREAM HOME AND SAVE Provident Credit Union's Mortgage Program 1. Relationship pricing credit of the additional $250 off closing costs is based on you having one of the following Provident products: home equity loan/line of credit, auto/boat/RV/motorcycle loan, checking with direct deposit, or certificate/IRA. 2. Single family/owner-occupied homes and second homes in California only. Other restrictions may apply. Membership required. Subject to final approval. Portable Mortgages available on loans funded after 5/1/04. Pre-approval and closing guarantees are based on a preliminary review of borrower's credit information only and is not a commitment to lend. The closing guarantee is subject to verification of the information submitted on borrower's application, in addition to borrower's property eligibility. Fraudulent or purposely misleading information provided by borrower will invalidate the guarantee. NMLS #412725 © 9/16 PCU • Exclusive .125% mortgage rate discount for CTA members • $100 discount on a standard mortgage loan for CTA members • Receive $250 towards closing costs from Provident Credit Union 1 • Exclusive Movable ® Mortgage 2 • Experienced and knowledgeable Provident Mortgage Consultants to guide you • Power Funding 10-Day Guarantee (800) 632-4600 Endorsed by: ENROLL IN ONLINE BANKING TO RECEIVE PAYMENT ALERTS, CHECK YOUR BALANCE, TRANSFER FUNDS, AND PAY YOUR MORTGAGE LOAN. STEP 3: Find your dream home and SAVE! STEP 1: Get pre-approved for a Provident mortgage loan. Three ways to apply: 1. Call (800) 632-4600 2. Visit 3. Visit your local branch STEP 2: Connect with an experienced Provident Mortgage Consultant by visiting

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