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TOP TWEET @kenmlibby Teacher union leaders to lawmakers: Education reform should happen with us, not to us. MOST POPULAR FACEBOOK POST CAMPAIGN 2012 NEWS ONLINE WHAT'S NEW AT CTA.ORG At a press event in mid-August, the governor joined local educators, including San Juan Teachers Association President Shannan Brown, to kick off the Prop. 30 campaign. 365 likes 17 comments MORE TOP TWEETS @thenerdyteacher I teach a literature class. Students need to read at home and come to class ready to discuss. At the HS level, I do not think that is crazy. @ctaIPDSpEd Great video on how to empower yourself using your union to advocate for #speced FAVORITE COMMENTS Alejandro Anguiano 10:26 am | 15 Aug Our school year started mid-July. We are still trying to bring back all of our teachers that were laid off... Janice Allen 6:18 pm | 10 Aug Remember that everything in your classroom is legislated. That's why it's important to stay informed and involved. Don Rowan 8:05 pm | 6 Aug What happened to archery, building and launching rockets and trebuchets [to teach physics]? Get those kids outside and away from mundane activities on the computer. VIRAL VIDEO Mieliwocki at RA: National Teacher of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki tells educators at the NEA Convention: "It's this voice [of teachers] that's been missing from all the highly charged conversations in education." September 2012 5 RESOURCES IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES In the annual Family Involvement campaign, CTA and the California State PTA offer tips in multiple languages for parents to help their children succeed in school. DO YOU KNOW YOUR WEINGARTEN RIGHTS? If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or adverse consequences may result from what he or she says, the employee has the right to request union representation. 547 shares

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