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feedback L E T U S K N O W W H A T Y O U T H I N K . We accept signed email and letters (250-word limit); we excerpt user posts from CTA social media platforms. Content subject to editing for clarity and space. Photos must have identifications and permissions. Opinions expressed by the writers are not necessarily those of CTA.; #WeAreCTA Libraries and Teacher Librarians I looked at the Day of the Teacher poster on the inside back cover of the April issue. Where is the library in your depiction of the school? Today 's teacher librarians do more than merely check out books. We teach others how to find, evaluate, use and share information safely in our digital society. We collaborate with teachers. We build library collections. We coach teachers and students. We harmonize between reluctant readers and biblio- philes, between library and textbook management, and between teachers who want to use us and our skills for instruction of information literacy and administrators who want to use our space for meetings and AP testing. We herd library staff and student assistants. We advocate for our role and our space. Teacher librarians are passionate about empowering students and staff with free knowledge. We deserve a space in every Cali- fornia school. WENDY MURRILL Elk Grove Education Association C O N T E S T : Educators Are Everywhere Take your Educator with you when you hit the road this summer. We're looking for photos of you with your Educator wherever you land for vacation, research or professional development. Send us your pic and tell us what you're doing by July 25. Three winners will receive a gift card for school supplies, and we'll show them and many more in an upcoming issue. Email with Educators Are Every- where in the subject line, and remember to include your full name and chapter. 403(b) Awareness I've seen more than a few folks at my school, and in the district, who simply don't have the time to do the research necessary to pick a good 403(b) product — and, let's not kid ourselves, some vendors don't really want to make the process easy. But after read- ing " The 403(b): Buyer Beware" (April), I have a better grasp of the complexities of this complicated issue and look forward to attend- ing a pre-conference session on 403(b) plans this year. Knowledge is power. Thank you, CTA, for empowering me to make smart deci- sions for my future. CORE Y PENROSE Vacaville Teachers Association Pure Advocacy I want to express agreement with the president's message in the April edition ("We've Always Been Advocates") simply because teachers truly care about their students in all their needs. As in any profession, there are a few bad apples, but most educators view their work as a vocation. However, I'm concerned with the constant push for a different kind of advocacy, one that advocates a leftist ideology under the guise of kindness and compassion. The social justice poster that was pictured underlines my concerns with slogans that despite being true only tend to divide races or gender ("Black Lives Matter," " Women's Rights Are Human Rights"), or are ultimately meaningless ("Kindness Is Everything," "No Human Is Illegal"), or insidiously promote an atheistic vision of the world ("Science Is Real," "Love Is Love"). As CTA President Eric Heins wrote, "All students matter and all students deserve a quality public education." We simply need to continue being student advocates as we value and affirm them without surreptitiously promoting a leftwing ideology. JIM BR ADY Fremont Unified District Teachers Association Associated Pomona Teachers' Elsa Clark, above, visited George Washington University last summer. 3 May / June 2017 2017 day of the teacher poster FINAL.indd 1 4/11/17 3:30 PM 10 is California Day of the Teacher. honors teachers on — and every day. is committed to education strat- that improve and student learning, a well-rounded education, reduced class safe environment learning and teaching, education for all students, and teachers leaders of the profes- CTA's Advocacy Agenda for more (, available in multiple languages). educators, along student-centered, public schools and education, are the cornerstone of strong com- munities. CTA applauds educators everywhere! this special poster classroom or other space, and visit download tools and resources to celebrate the Let us know what planning and post of your celebration at #DayoheTeacher. 4/12/17 12:34 PM

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