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years ago and decided to take one col- lege class per semester. Her first class was Queer Theory, and that's how she met Johnnie Terr y — and the rest is, well, history. " From a t each er p ersp e ctive, thi s i s h i s t o r y t h a t i s n e g l e c t e d b y t h e m a i n s t re a m m e d i a ," she says. M c C a r t h y t o o k photos of the process, which can be seen on the group's Facebook p a g e . S h e e n j o y e d watching the younger s t u d e n t s i n t e r v i e w the pioneers. "ey get so engaged with older people — it's a mar velous thing to watch," she says, add- ing that it's important to capture this history for th e LGBTQ+ c ommunity and as a part of local history. Th e project premiered in Novem- ber, just days after the 2016 election. A s p e opl e watch ed th e v i d e o do cu- m entar y, " you could feel th e en erg y building, and the excitement," Terr y s a y s . " T h e r e w a s c r y i n g , l a u g h e r, applause. It was overwhelming." " Th e re sp o n s e th u s f a r h a s b e e n awe-inspirin g and sp ark s di alogu e, som ething akin to projects li ke th e J a p a n e s e i n t e r n m e n t c a m p s a n d veteran projects. Just the process of capturing histor y for p o s t e r i t y e n r i c h e s th e p e opl e inv o lv ed , and this product that c a n b e a c c e s s e d b y generations to come," Mc C ar thy s ay s . " I 'v e been lucky to do it." T h e v i d e o w i l l b e presented at the CCA Fall Conference in San Jo se, O ct. 13-15, and i s viewable onlin e at Meanwhile, the stu- dent-produced short videos are being submitted to events such as the Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. "It's great for students who make the shorts to win awards. Imagine how that'd help their careers," Terry says. " The response has been awe- inspiring and sparks dialogue, akin to projects like Japanese internment camps and veteran projects." — KATE McCARTHY 63 A U G U S T / S E P T E M B E R 2 017 Stories Told In addition to Rev. Jerry Sloan, stories of the following individuals can be seen in the Spectrum Archives video documentary at • LINDA BIRNER, first woman publisher of an LGBTQ+ newspaper, Mom Guess What ( • DENNY MANGERS, former Cal- ifornia legislator and adviser to former Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. • TINA REYNOLDS, community organizer best known for helping to overturn Proposition 8. • JOANNA MICHELLE MICHAELS, transgender rights activist who won a precedent-setting discrimination lawsuit after leaving the military and now helps veterans obtain their benefits. • GEORGE R AYA, longtime Latino/ LGBTQ+ rights activist who was in the first group of gay leaders to be invited to meet with White House staff in 1977. • GARY MILLER, Sacramento's first gay elected official, who still serves on the Roseville City Elementary school board. • ROSANNA HERBER, activist and producer of the movie The Last Laugh. For more information, see Denny Mangers being interviewed for the Spectrum Archives. LGBTQ+ pioneers honored during the premiere of " The Spectrum Archives: Narratives of Courage" last November.

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