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Brian Levin documents both ends of the ideological spectrum and their threat to our freedom of speech M A N Y W A T C H E D t h e v i o l e n t c o n f r o n t a t i o n s i n Charlottes ville and other cities unfold on TV or on the Web. Often, Brian Levin has been there in person to document these events. L e v i n i s d i r e c t o r o f t h e n o n p a r t i s a n C enter for the Study of Hate and E xtrem- i s m a n d a p r o f e s s o r o f c r i m i n a l j u s t i c e at C SU S an B er n a rdi n o . He h a s t e sti f i e d b e f o re C o n g re ss o n h a t e a n d t e r r o r i sm , a n d i s t h e a u t h o r o r c o - a u t h o r o f U. S . Suprem e Cour t amicus briefs, book s and articles on hate crime and extremism . e California Faculty Association member has worked for civil rights groups and was a New York City police officer. He documents rallies that attract violent extremists. Last year, he was dubbed "e Jewish Batman" by e Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, after helping save the grand dragon of the Cali- fornia Ku Klux Klan from an angry, armed mob in Anaheim. In May, Levin reported that violent clashes with arrests due to political intolerance increased significantly on California college campuses and at Trump campaign rallies. To view "Hate & Extremism in California: 2016," one of a series of special status reports on hate crimes, see Recently, we asked Levin to shed some light on the ideological conflicts and violent protests that have rocked our country. extremists Brian Levin helps protect a Ku Klux Klan member at a 2016 Anaheim rally that turned violent. Tracking Photo: Heather Davini Boucher 21 O C T O B E R / N O V E M B E R 2 017 T H E Q & A Brian Levin P

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