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Council to consider bylaw change WITH DECLINING MEMBERSHIP, some of our State Council electoral districts are overrepresented. When an electoral district has been identified as overrepresented, future elec- tions will have to reflect a reduced number of seats. If a vacancy occurs in such an electoral district because of retirement, resignation or ineligibility to serve, this amend- ment permits that seat to be eliminated and reduce our over- representation by one. This could remove the need for an election where incumbents would run against incumbents for a reduced number of seats. The new language would be added to Article V, Section 4b(3) as a new subsection (d). BYLAW AMENDMENT 2011-12/2012-13 CTA BYLAW AMENDMENT Provisos/Transition: 1. For State Council review, debate and possible modification at the June 2012 State Council meeting; and final consideration by written ballot at the January 2013 State Council meeting. 2. Amendment to be effective upon adoption. Legend: Additions are underlined. Deletions are struck through. Unaffected and unchanged are denoted by asterisks (* * *). Approved by CTA Board 5/2012 ARTICLE V – STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATION Section 1. Functions. * * * Section 2. Composition. * * * Section 3. Qualifications. * * * Section 4. Election and Term of Office of Elected Voting Representatives. * * * a. Election. * * * b. Term of Office. The term of office of elected representatives, with the exception of representatives elected by the Student California Teachers Association, shall be three years and shall expire June 25 of the year ending the term. When a new office is initiated creating two or more offices in an electoral district, such districts may elect representatives initially for less than the full three-year term to effect staggered terms. Representatives shall be eligible for reelection but no person may serve more than three consecutive three-year terms. No person may serve more than eleven consecutive years, including completed and/or extended terms, without a break in service of at least one year. No person will be eligible for election for any term which would provide total service greater than eleven consecutive years. (Amended February 1981, October 1981, January 1984, October 1987, January 1998) (1) The term of office of racial and ethnic minority representative shall end on the June 25 immediately following the completion of three years from the date of election. (Amended October 1987, January 1990, January 1998) (2) Whenever an electoral district gains substantially in membership so as to be entitled to one or more additional representatives based on the full ratio of members per allocated representatives, the Council may establish such additional allocation(s), following completion of prescribed procedures for study, verification, and report/recommendation to the Council. (Adopted October 1981, January 1998) (3) Whenever an electoral district loses membership and is over-represented by one or more excess representatives, the following shall apply within the year following the decrease in membership: (Amended January 1998) (a) If there are sufficient terms expiring that an open election can be held for the newly established decreased allocation, an election shall be held for the appropriate number of open seats. (b) If sufficient terms expire which would eliminate the excess representation and no incumbent otherwise eligible to seek reelection is thereby deprived of doing so, no further action shall be required, and all elections to fill expiring terms thereafter shall be held as regularly scheduled. (c) If sufficient terms do not expire which would eliminate the excess representation, all terms shall expire and an open election shall be held to fill the allocated seats. Those incumbents who are reelected shall be assigned to the same term previously held. (Adopted October 1981, Amended March 1985) (d) If a mid-term vacancy occurs, that seat shall be eliminated reducing the over-representation by one seat. (4) Bylaws of the Student California Teachers Association may provide for terms of less than three years duration. (Adopted January 1984, Amended January 1998) c. Recall. * * * d. Vacancies. * * * e. Temporary Loss of Representation Delinquency in Dues Transmittals. * * * November 2012 33

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