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CTA Timeline Note: In every 2013 issue of the Educator we will be highlighting a portion of CTA���s proud history in a timeline. Collect all 9 and put them together for a big look at all we���ve accomplished over the past 150 years. To get started just cut out the timeline from this page. Your next installment will be coming to you in February. Watch for this page throughout 2013. You���ll find a timeline of the sights and sounds of teachers making history ��� and making their voices heard across the state ��� from yesteryear to today. 1863 John Swett founds the California Educational Society, known today as CTA. It���s 1863. President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address as the Civil War rages. Samuel Clemens becomes Mark Twain for the first time. Mail delivery begins in 49 US cities; postage is 3 cents. Ground is broken in Sacramento on the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. Amid this backdrop, the California Educational Society (now the California Teachers Association) was formed. CTA has been advocating for children and public education for 150 years, first sponsoring legislation that established free public schools in California back in 1866 and fighting for the state���s first class size reduction law in 1895. To help celebrate the rich history of our great association during our sesquicentennial, events and issues will be outlined in this magazine, discussed at conferences and honored or celebrated statewide and locally. Some CTA members, especially younger teachers, may not know the rights they now have were won on picket lines, in courtrooms, and in hard-fought political campaigns decades ago. There are many heroes in our public schools. Like our founders, CTA members are still voting, advocating, bargaining and organizing for students, for better communities, and for the respect, benefits and salaries that educators and education support professionals deserve. 1863 1866 1867 CTA founded as California Educational Society by Superintendent of Public Instruction John Swett. CTA���s first legislative achievement establishes free public schools for all children in California. CTA is the only major CTA wins state organization in California Supreme Court to denounce the practice ruling on ���fair of segregating African dismissal��� law. American and Asian American students in separate schools. CTA fights for and wins public funding for schools that educate nonwhite students. 1890 1895 CTA-sponsored class size legislation sets the maximum class size at 80 students.

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