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December 2012

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CAMILLE ALFRED: I received a double-barreled rubber band gun at the end of the year from a student who said it was for ���crowd control.��� I have never laughed so hard! LETICIA GALLEGOS: A kindergarten teacher friend received a pack of condoms from a student who thought they were Band-Aids. The Funnies UNUSUAL GIFTS ELIZABETH DEFRANCIS: A hot dog, because he said he ran out of apples! CHERYL THOMPSON: A clear vase ���lled with different colored origami stars. The girl told me it took her six months to make. It is gorgeous, and on bad days, I look upon it and remember her and the positive impact I have on students. WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL GIFT YOU���VE RECEIVED FROM YOUR STUDENTS? Here are some of our favorite answers to this question. Read all the responses on CTA���s Facebook page, californiateachersassociation. Want to add to this? E-mail MELINA YAMARONE: Butter���ies (pinned with their Latin name) in a frame with about an inch of dust��� as if he took it straight off the wall of his house. I loved it and display it in my class to this day. DIANA NACCARATO ARCHERDA: A madefor-TV facelift kit. Complete with a video and neck tightening machine. Geez. CHIARA MACCIARDI: A nameplate made of steel, welded by my student. But he didn���t proofread it, so it���s Mis Chiara��� It sits on my desk. I love it. AJA COOK: A papier-m��ch�� rat (the thing is truly grotesque)��� Made shortly after ���nishing the book Of Mice and Men. MARY LUB: A leek from a migrant education student. My ���rst-grader had broken his collarbone, so I agreed to go to his house after school to be his home teacher. His mother was very proud to give me something that dad brought home from work. BRIANNA HEINRICH: A boat made out of cross sections of a seashell. I love it. NADINE LOZA: A toothpaste and toothbrush set. Made me think, ���Is it the coffee?��� NORA ALLSTEDT: A sign stolen off CAROLYN FRIEDMAN: A vibrator. It was obvi- the wall of a restaurant in Germany along with picture of dad taking the sign off the wall. ous that Mom did not know the child had wrapped and brought it to school. It was accompanied by a sympathy card signed by this severely disabled seventh-grader. It was Christmas. The child knew people gave gifts and cards. She could not read, so��� MALLORY MOORE: A Costco size bottle of mouth wash, shampoo, and conditioner. 38 California Educator December 2012 ��� January 2013 TRENT STILLMAN: Korean silk embossed good luck sign. Hangs over my doorway. Supposed to bring good luck, wealth, and happiness.

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