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> SHARING What are the best ways to meet the needs of our GLBT students? Members at CTA���s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Conference in Palm Springs last month share their opinions. Tricia Cowan, Vacaville Teachers Association, HIGH SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER Robert Rodriguez, San Bernardino Teachers Association, MIDDLE SCHOOL RESOURCE TEACHER When dealing with diverse students, try to discover your unconscious bias. Question yourself and re���ect on perception versus reality. It���s important to listen to your students and to be open. I believe that getting in touch with one���s unconscious bias is a great thing for all educators, regardless of comfort level. It gives us room to grow. Pursue Your Passion I learned to create a safe space for students in my classroom. As an advocate for GLBT students, it���s important to let other students know that it is inappropriate to make comments like ���That���s so gay��� to other students. At this conference, I found the legal language to support that. And I realize how important it is to represent the GLBT community in my social studies curriculum. It���s important to highlight the important contribution of GLBT leaders so students have positive role models in my class. TAKE CREDIT FOR MAKING A SMART CALL. For a limited time, switch to Sprint and receive a $50 service credit for each newly activated line of service. VISIT SPRINT.COM/PROMO/iL30788PC within 72 hours of activating your new Sprint phone to claim your service credit. Don���t delay! Offer ends 4/11/2013. Earn a Master���s Degree in One Year Choose from programs in Innovative Learning, Educational Technology, Teaching Mathematics, or Urban Education ��� Our unique credential-completion programs for California teachers apply previously earned graduate units towards a degree ��� Collaborate and explore in a dynamic online educational community or as part of a local school district cohort ��� Participate in innovative curricula that models the future of teaching and student learning ��� Flexible scheduling to meet the needs of working professionals 28 California Educator February 2013 Purchase online or in store by visiting: ��� ��� ��� OFFERS FOR CURRENT CALIFORNIA EDUCATION EMPLOYEES SWITCH TO SPRINT AND GET service credit for each new$ line activation when you 50 move from another carrier. Req. new 2-yr agmt. SAVE WITH DISCOUNTS % off select regularly priced Sprint monthly service plans 18 Mention code to claim discount: K-12 Education: GDSCA_WCA_ZZZ Higher Education: GVSCA_WCA_ZZZ Add 18% discount: Req. new 2-yr agmt. Discount courtesy of WSCA Activation fee waived for new activations. Up to $36 value. Requires a new 2-yr agmt. Activ. Fee: $36/line. Credit approval req. Early Termination Fee ( After 14 days, up to $350/line. IL Port-in Offer: Offer ends: 4/11/2013. $50 port-in credit for smartphones, feature phones and mobile broadband devices. Available only to eligible IL accounts with valid Corp. ID. Requires port-in from an active number (wireless or landline). Svc credit request must be made at within 72 hours from the portin activation date or svc credit will be declined. Ported new-line must remain active 61 days to receive full svc credit. Excludes Nextel Direct Connect devices, tablets, upgrades, replacements, and ports made between Sprint entities or providers associated with Sprint (i.e., Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance), all CL and plans less than $10. Port-in Payment Expectations: Svc credit will appear in adjustment summary section at account level. If the svc credit does not appear on the ���rst or second invoice following the 61st day, visit and click on ���Where���s my Reward���. Individual-Liable Discount: Available for eligible company or org. employees (ongoing veri���cation). Discounts subject to change according to the company���s agreement with Sprint and are available upon request for monthly svc charges on select plans. No discounts apply to second lines, Add-A-Phone lines or add-ons $29.99 or less. Other Terms: Offers and coverage not available everywhere or for all phones/networks. Restrictions apply. Nationwide Sprint Network reaches over 282 million people. Sprint 4G LTE network is available in limited markets, on select devices. Visit for info. Sprint 4G LTE devices will not operate on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) network. Sprint 3G network (including roaming) reaches over 285 million people. See store or for details. ��2013 Sprint. All rights reserved. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Android, Google, the Google logo, Google Play and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google Inc. The HTC logo, and HTC EVO are the trademarks of HTC Corporation. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. N135060

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