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April/May 2020

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California and COVID-19 • J A N . 2 5 : First COVID-19 case reported. • M A R C H 4 : First COVID-19 death. • M A R C H 7 : Elk Grove Unified closes schools temporarily after COVID-19 case confirmed in city. • M A R C H 13 : CTA calls for closure of all schools and community colleges. • M A R C H 13 : CTA and Education Coalition partners call for adequate resources, employee safety measures, full funding through school closures, support through nurses and counselors, and relaxation of testing requirements. • M A R C H 16 : Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified close schools temporarily. • M A R C H 17 : First CTA member (retired) dies of COVID-19. • M A R C H 19 : Governor issues stay-at-home order, closing schools and nonessential businesses. • A P R I L 1 : Governor announces that schools will not reopen for the rest of the academic year. • A P R I L 1 : CTA, the CDE, and other labor and management partners agree to a collaborative framework as school districts develop equitable education opportunities and distance learning plans. INSIDE: • Teaching During a Pandemic PAGE 12 • "We're Here for Our Students" PAGE 14 • Educators, Governor "Zoom" In on Issues PAGE 18 • Stay Informed & Connect PAGE 21 • Distance Learning Resources PAGE 22 11 A P R I L / M AY 2 0 2 0 special report

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