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April/May 2020

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respect the mental health of educa- tors at this time — and the mental health of our students. There is extra stress on students' families facing deep financial worries, having to work from home and also having young children at home. EDUCATOR: How did the governor and first partner respond to your concerns and comments? COLLINS: I appreciated their will- ingness to listen, collaborate and look for solutions. I could tell the governor and Jennifer both felt a sense of immense responsibility to help edu- cators and students, that they believe what happens with education now will be important in the future. DUNCAN: They were extremely appreciative of teachers' efforts to make this thing work. They heard everything that we said. I feel they are willing to work with us and give us what we need. KREITZ: I felt like they genuinely heard us. Their facial expressions sometimes conveyed an "aha!" moment, like they were putting something on a mental to-do list. He thanked us for stepping up to do things differently, in the same way the medical community is doing. Of course, we're not putting our lives in danger like the medical community. But he acknowledged that educators are stepping up. Some schools closed on a Friday and had distance learning in place by Tuesday. It really is incred- ible to think about that. UDOVIC: I was heartened to hear that he is having listening sessions with teachers and other folks (farm- workers, health care workers, etc.) to understand what people on the ground are experiencing during this crisis. I hope he continues to engage with people doing the work, instead of consultants or administrators, to ensure that he has our input in shap- ing policies that provide the most relief to those most impacted. KREITZ: I was encouraged by what he had to say. I might be Pollyanna, but I believe our conversation will bring about positive changes. I think that we'll see more support for technology and internet access, especially for students in low-income communities. I think what we had to say made a difference. "We have great teachers creating great lesson plans, but if kids don't have access, it doesn't matter." —Reagan Duncan, Vista Teachers Association special report Find your home and save. Provident Credit Union's Mortgage Program 3 Exclusive .125% mortgage rate discount for CTA members 3 $100 discount on a standard mortgage loan for CTA members 3 Receive $250 towards closing costs from Provident Credit Union 1 3 Exclusive Movable ® Mortgage 2 3 Experienced and knowledgeable Provident Mortgage Consultants to guide you 3 Power Funding 10-Day Guarantee 3 Three ways to apply: 1) Online at 2) Visit your local branch 3) Call (800) 632-4600 1) Relationship pricing credit of the additional $250 off closing costs is based on you having one of the following Provident products: home equity loan/line of credit, auto/boat/RV/motorcycle loan, checking with direct deposit, or certificate/IRA. 2) Single family/owner-occupied condos, homes and second homes in California only. Other restrictions may apply. Membership required. Subject to final approval. 3) The guarantee to close within 10 business days does not apply if delays occur by third parties, including but not limited to realtors, borrowers, and/or sellers. Down payment must be from borrower's own source of funds and does not include non-lender paid fees, impounds, or reserves. Provident Credit Union guarantees to close your loan by the date specified in the purchase contract, provided this date is 10 business days from contract date and we have received a complete loan application and all requested documents. If the loan fails to close on time due to a delay by Provident Credit Union, we will credit $995.00 of the buyer's closing costs at time of funding (POWER Funding must be requested at time of application). This offer may not be combined with other satisfaction guarantee offers. Borrowers must meet Provident Credit Union's lending guidelines. Any alteration to the loan amount or loan terms by, or per request of, borrower will invalidate the guarantee. Property must appraise at or above the sale price. POWER Funding is only available for properties in the Bay Area, which include San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, San Francisco County, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County. Other restrictions apply. 4) As of December, 2019. NMLS #412725 ©PCU 12/19 Approved by To date, CTA members have saved a combined total of $5,153,018.54 over the life of all mortgage loans with Provident! 4

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