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February/March 2023

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Below are campaign statements of candidates for CTA officers in the March 2023 State Council elections. The statements are unedited and limited to 400 words. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the candidates and not necessarily those of CTA and NEA. As a third-generation teacher, it is the biggest professional honor of my life to declare my candidacy for CTA President. I have spent more than a decade serving CTA members. Witnessing the incredible work that CTA members do, guided by the love for our students, in every corner of our state inspires me to no end. As a CTA officer, I have worked hard to ensure that the voices of everyone have been included in CTA's democratic processes and will continue that work. It is at our schools and worksites, after all, where our real power lies, and I have been committed to uplifting how critical it is that our resources are used to build on our collective power. My work as Vice President has included: working with my fellow officers and CTA board to invest millions of dollars in local union organizing grants, building coalitions with other unions and the community to win just school funding with Proposition 15, and committing 100% to local unions who believed in themselves as catalysts for creating the changes needed in education. Most recently I have worked tirelessly with members wishing to create truly transformational com- munity schools. As President I will stay committed to modeling Responsive Leadership, developing Strong Locals, Fighting for Improved Classroom Conditions, and Building Strong Community Alliances for Economic and Racial Justice from the smallest chapters to our largest urbans. The last few years have reminded us of the enormity of the struggles ahead. Together we can build a union that increases work-site power, solidar- ity and collective action across locals, and road multi-racial coalitions within our communities in order to win what we all deserve. Now it is up to us to continue to win over our colleagues to becoming active members in our union. Let's build this union together! I am a proud son of California, a prod- uct of its public school system and have a path to a greater CTA as the next president. Originally from Northern California and the son of immigrants who legally entered the United States through my father 's participation in the U.S. Mex- ico Farm Worker Braceros Program. It enabled him to bring our family to the United States in exchange for labor. We crisscrossed the dirt roads of California, following the seasons of the crops. The family worked collectively to survive. My earliest memories are at age 3, picking prunes in the orchards and struggling to carry my bucket. Often times we experienced mistreatment and abuse, deplorable working and living conditions, low pay and constant threats of deportation. Fortunately, my family was able to settle in Princeton, Ca where we lived and worked the fields until I graduated from Chico State. My first teaching position was as a bilingual first grade teacher in the Alisal Union School District in Salinas. I returned to Chico in the summer of 1985 where I helped build the bilingual program. In 1989, I moved to southern California to teach with LAUSD. The following year, I signed with my current district, Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District where I began my union involvement and eventually served as local president. As a member of CTA, I have been on multiple committees, and held leadership positions including budget, negotiations, civil rights in education, caucus chair, service center chair and vice chair, and political action committee member as well as NEA and CTA Board of Directors" Relying on my life's experiences throughout the state I have always sought to elevate the respect for our profession. In advancing racial and social justice and equity in public education, I am committed to ensuring that every member, regardless of race, zip code, or economic status has access to safe working conditions and resources to thrive. As the District K Board of Director I have built relation- ships and regularly supported all my chapters from largest to smallest, from rural to urban, near or far. Along with provid- ing support to chapters outside of my district. In order to achieve our full potential we must come together to address the concerns that challenge our profes- sion. As the next president of CTA, I am committed to suiting up, showing up and speaking up for all members! Candidate for CTA President David B. Goldberg Member, United Teachers Los Angeles CTA; current CTA Vice President Candidate for CTA President Sergio Martinez Member, Hacienda-LaPuente Teachers Association; CTA Board of Directors member 52 Martinez Goldberg

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