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What's new at CTA Online Most popular post More top tweets Viral video Favorite comments Johnna Lee-Garcia | A U G 1 5 Cloth makes better bulletin board background. No holes from staples or tacks, and it lasts years! Fergi Ferg | S E P 3 Teachers shouldn't be treated like robots. We are individuals who all want the best for our kids. Stop trying to shove us in a box. Tamara Sutton Mosier | S E P 2 Administrators who have never taught in the classroom make PD decisions that don't give us what we really need. Janice MacKenzie | S E P 2 Too many "experts" and too many reform mandates (often unfunded) and not enough time to allow kids to learn at their own pace with instruction that is appropriate to their stage of development, their intellectual stimulation, and their emotional well-being. Claudia Sholl | S E P 8 I am a retired teacher in Stockton Unified who is still working with the BTSA program as a support provider and trainer. We are very proud of our program and it continues to be supported by the district while others are not. I think it's because it is well run and gets results. Good leadership and commitment to continued improvement make all the difference. @LearningFirst | S E P 2 We all have to pitch in to make #CommonCore work. @bellfl owerteach | A U G 2 5 Cops now, teachers next? Urge a NO vote on AB 25, which would allow the state access to police Twitter & FB accounts. @azuck1 Rigor is not doing more, Rigor is digging deeper #CTATopTweet Teacher responds to Whoopi: Educator Keith Reeves responds to comments on "teacher tenure" made by hosts of "The View." Use this hashtag in your tweets and we'll select our favorites for each issue of the California Educator. Gearing Up for the November Election Though the general election is in November, it's not too early to study the issues and learn about public education- friendly candidates. View our Campaign section for a voter guide and more. 1 2 Degrees Not Debt CTA, along with NEA and other organizations, is embarking on a new program whose goal is to help increase student aid and reduce student debt. 3 New CCSS Training As the Common Core State Standards roll out, CTA is providing training to familiarize you with the implementation of the standards and the timelines for assessment. 4 Honor Labor in September With Labor Day behind us, September is a month where we can focus on the importance of the labor movement. Check our Labor History page for information and resources. septemberawareness Outreach to Teach Members of the NEA Student Program, including Student CTA leader Jess Sanchez, joined forces with NEA- Retired members, educators and school staff to give makeovers to two schools. 5 J U L Y 2 545 likes 189 shares Gov. Brown appeals ruling that struck down teacher job protections 7 V O L U M E 1 9 I S S U E 2

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