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December 2015

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E L E VAT E Elevate is a brain-training program designed to improve focus, speaking ability, processing speed, memory, math skills, etc. You receive a new set of challenges each day to build the skills you need most. The more you train, the better your program becomes. H A P P I F Y Happify has turned over a decade's worth of research on the science of happiness into an every- day app that literally retrains your brain to banish negative thoughts and create a richer, more fulfilling life. What's not to like? F I T B R A I N S T R A I N E R The only brain trainer that can improve your IQ and EQ (cognitive and emotional intelligence), Fit Brains targets all six major areas of the brain: memory, speed of thinking, concentration, problem solving, language and visual-spatial recognition. E I D E T I C Eidetic uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorize anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts. It works differ- ently from typical brain-training apps by using items that have meaning and context. R eady to hit the gym for your brain? To keep a sharp and healthy mind, you need to flex your mental muscles and give them regular, challenging workouts. As the saying goes, "Use it or lose it" — and you don't want to lose your mind! Here are five brain-training apps designed to improve mem- ory, thinking skills and psychological well-being. ey're sure to keep you smarter than a fifth-grader. BRAINPOWER BOOST YOUR By TERRY NG 5 free apps to keep gray matter in good shape L U M O S I T Y Sharpen your memory, attention span and more. Used by over 70 million people world- wide, Lumosity combines 25-plus cognitive games into a daily training program. Games adapt to your unique performance, helping you stay challenged in a wide variety of cog- nitive tasks. 12

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