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December 2015

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12 Tech Tips: Brain-training apps 14 Your Whole Life: Track your fitness 11 16 Point/Counterpoint: Parents and homework 17 Spotlight: Special educator Cecilia Timek 15 42 Tax Program: Claim the money you're owed 43 Bargaining: Statewide advocacy activities 35 46 Author: Loriene Honda on the power of dreams 48 Travel: Educational trips are perfect vacations 45 52 Conference: CTA's GLBT conference 53 Legislation: Every Student Succeeds Act 54 Contest: See Me Aer School winners 56 Community: Vallejo educators donate supplies 57 Candidacy form: CTA/NEA-Retired positions 58 Candidacy form: NEA Rep Assembly delegate 51 contents What you need to know about the case and its potential impact on students, schools and our communities 13 Quotes & Numbers: Fair Share in the news 18 Voices: Educators share stories of how their unions support them in the work they do with students each and every day 36 e Issue, the Facts: What's at stake, who's behind the suit, what you can do 2 46 43 54 SPECIAL REPORT: Friedrichs v. CTA and the Case for Fair Share PAGE 36

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