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December 2015

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The rights of working people have come under attack many times before, at the ballot box and in the courts. We have prevailed because we have come together, stood strong and spoken with a powerful, unified voice. We are fighting back again. With 325,000 members, CTA is one of the strongest and most successful advocates for students and educators in the country. NEA, at 3 million members the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. With you and our partners, we are a potent force to defend our rights and protect the future of our families and communities. CTA and NEA are part of the broad-based "America Works Together" coalition which is raising public awareness and providing updated and accurate information about Friedrichs and Fair Share. LACY BARNES COMMUNITY COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR California Federation of Teachers '' '' WHO ARE DEFENDING OUR RIGHTS? People and Passion U A L T I C E D E R W Find out more at and @AmWorksTogether. Keep up with the conversation at #WorkTogether. This case means a lot to me as both an educator and a union member, because I want working people everywhere to have the same opportunity I've enjoyed to improve their communities through fulfilling, rewarding public service jobs. CTA, NEA and other unions represent teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public service workers who are passionate about what we do. We join together to make our voices heard on issues that affect all of us: quality education for our students; safe and healthy schools, hospitals and other community environ- ments; fair pay; and retirement with dignity. TEACHERS MATTER ENOUGH WORKERS' RIGHTS STUDENTS SERVE YES TO FAIR SHARE 41 December 2015 / January 2016

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