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December 2015

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I N T H E P U Z Z L E S B E L O W, you are given a short phrase. Your task is to zap (cross out) five of the letters (or seven letters in the chal- lenge questions) so that the remaining letters in order spell a word in the category. Answers on page 53. Shapes (2-dimensional and 3-dimensional) Example: CHAIR ICICLE = C H A I R I C I C L E = CIRCLE First names of U.S. Presidents Example: FIRM BLANK LINE = F I R M B L A N K L I N E = FRANKLIN Letter Zaps By Alan Stillson 1. SEQUEL AIRED 2. STRIPE AND GLEN 3. SCOUR BASE 4. ONE COAT WAGON 5. PAY RATE MIXED Challenge: REACH TALKING FILE 1. DRAWING HOST 2. WATER TRENCH 3. ONLY HANDS ON 4. ALGEBRA CHARM 5. PERSONAL BID Challenge: BEAR ROADBLOCK Alan Stillson is a CTA member and the author of Middle School Word Puzzles and numerous other puzzle books. Find out more at 60

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