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March 2017

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feedback Y O U R O P I N I O N S A R E W E L C O M E ! We accept email and letters (250-word limit); we excerpt user posts from CTA social media platforms. Content subject to editing for clarity and space. Photos must have identifications and permissions.; #WeAreCTA The Problem of Food Waste I had to respond to your article "Hunger on Campus" (January/February). Every day, our school throws away boxes of fresh fruit of all kinds, cereal, crackers in packages, etc., because federal guidelines prohibit anyone from salvaging it. For several years, I would try to hide the extra food or have students pick up "deliveries" from the custodian in the cafeteria with our classroom Radio Flyer red wagon. What did I do with this food? I would send it home with the children to their families. Our East Salinas neighborhood is home to many recent immigrants and farmworkers, who are among the poor- est of the poor in our great state. All 12 schools in our district offer free break- fasts and lunches to all district school children because of the income levels. Obviously, I think federal regulations should be changed so the food can go to the families in our schools, and to the homeless, or even to a pantry. JE ANNIE ECHENIQUE Alisal Teachers Association Different Views, Par t 2 I am extremely thankful that you printed the letter "Respect for Different Views" (January/February Feedback). I some- times feel like I am in such a minority being a public school teacher, yet feeling like the last eight years were not perfect and that we needed change. Being in a family business before teaching, I saw the devastation of the crushing regulations on business in California. I also saw that we welcomed, housed, fed, educated and administered health care for free to nearly every- one who walked in, while making our working citizens pay more and more for those same basic necessities. This cannot work. We will go broke. It's not OK anymore. Someone had to draw the line and make it OK to do busi- ness in California so we can get taxes from folks who work for businesses. Spending ourselves into bankruptcy is not the answer. I am hopeful. I support whoever is president, and will not resort to bullying Mr. Trump, his wife or daughter because they (rightly) think we need a change. JE ANNE CHASKO Sacramento City Teachers Association The "Respect for Different Views" letter concludes by saying, "No president is responsible for your well-being." If he is about to depor t you or your parents, then indeed he is responsible for it. Never before has a president so publicly threatened to depor t a significant par t of the popu- lation. Providing suppor t to vulnerable children does not "encourage weak- ness." It shows compassion. All presidents lie, but Trump has taken this to a whole new level with his "alternative facts," denial of on-camera statements, and continual flip-flopping. Even his supporters don't take his statements seriously anymore. This Orwellian " Truth is lie and lie is truth" is mentally abusive and undermines trust , especially in the young. It 's not about respecting his viewpoints (which change moment to moment). It 's about refusing to pander to a malignant narcissist. MICHAEL SCHALLER Temple City Education Association Get in the Educator! We'd love to hear from you. Email with one of the categories shown in boldface below in the subject line. Include your full name, chapter and contact info. Letter to the Editor: Respond to content that has appeared in the Educator, as on this page. Picture This: Send us photos of you and colleagues at a CTA or chapter training, conference or event. Identify all members who appear and describe where the photo was taken. Your Voice: Tell us about your experience with students, the art and science of teaching, and being an educator in the trenches (no more than 650 words). Point/Counterpoint: Miss our feature where members discuss the pros and cons of various issues? So do we. Let us know if you're willing to write a 300-word argument for or against a topical issue in education. If you're selected to participate, we'll find you a worthy opponent. 3 March 2017

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