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By @samdemuro Meme of the Month Fourth-grade Class Goes Nuts In early May, a Merced fourth-grade class lobbied state legislators to make the almond the "Official State Nut." Led by teacher Marc Medefind, Merced City Teachers Association, the 25 students from Margaret Sheehy Elementary testified before the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization about the almond's history, economic value, agricultural importance and health benefits. Assembly Member Adam Gray (D-Merced) supported the idea and sponsored the legislation as AB 1067 (now amended to include the walnut , pistachio and pecan). Medefind said that in learning about California geography and symbols at the start of the year, his class found that California was "underrepresented because we don't have an official state nut." His students wrote letters to Gray in Sep- tember; for the committee meeting, they rewrote their letters and practiced their delivery. See their persuasive testimony at #OurVoiceOurUnion #WeAreCTA For our full social media directory, see connect with us! wearecta @WeAreCTA californiateachers @WeAreCTA WeAreCTA G L O S S A R Y Finsta: "Fake" Instagram account, used for a closed group, such as a soccer team or select friends. Rinsta: "Real" Instagram account, care- fully curated for public consumption. (Many teens say their finsta is much more authentic than their rinsta.) Adulting: Attempt to grow up and be mature, such as "I cleaned my room! #adulting" or "I had ice cream for din- ner #adultingfail" TFW: That feeling when. GOAT: Greatest of all time. Fam: Usually closest friends. I'm weak: That was hilarious. Low key: Quietly, not for everyone to know. Squad: Crew, group of friends. TBH: To be honest. #WhyIPledgeforEd Join us in pledging to make every public school and college a safe place for all our children to learn and grow — • In smaller classes where children can get one-on-one attention. • In public schools that don't just teach to the test. • With instruction that provides a well-rounded education along with technical skills and career training. Go to now. Jayson Chang (@changtheworld), East Side Teachers Association, shows why he took the pledge. Educator Marc Medefind (top right, with glasses) with his fourth-grade class, a few mascots and Assembly Member Adam Gray. 13 May / June 2017 digital buzz digital buzz in the know

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