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May / June 2017

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contents In the Know 8 Calendar 10 News & Notes 12 Quotes & Numbers 13 Digital Buzz Perspectives 15 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Lauren Bowman 17 YOUR VOICE: Belinda White Advocacy 35 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: State budget's May revision 38 ACTIVISM: May 1 Day of Action 40 BARGAINING: Statewide roundup Teaching & Learning 42 NEW DOCUMENTARY: Backpack Full of Cash 45 TECH TIPS: Summer travel apps 46 CLASSROOM FURNISHINGS: Standing desks CTA & You 48 RETIREMENT: Planning for life after school 53 HONORED: Lynwood Unified, AP District of the Year 55 MEMBER BENEFITS: Save big on fitness 56 MEDIA: Ad campaign highlights safety, inclusion LET'S BE CLEAR ABOUT CHARTER SCHOOLS Some California charter schools serve their students and educators well. But corporate charters are making education a business where student learning takes a backseat to profits. Commonsense solutions can help. PAGE 18 • Charter School Vignettes, beginning on page 22 • Follow the Money, page 24 • Solutions at Work, page 31 3 Feedback 5 President's Message 7 Editor 's Note 38 THIS PAGE: Left: Former charter educator Ceci Carrasco talks with a student. Right: Sweetwater Counseling & Guidance Association members on CTA's May 1 Day of Action. COVER: Clockwise from top left: Helix TA's Ben Stone, Celerity Dyad parent and students, CAVA teacher Brianna Carroll, UTLA's Alex Caputo-Pearl, Oakland EA's Trish Gorham, Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan's Adalinda Avila and Dan White, Parent Voices Oakland's Clarissa Doutherd, former charter teacher Dayana Albornoz. M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 2 1 I S S U E 8 LYNWOOD THE PLAN FOR LIFE AFTER SCHOOL PAGE 48 Summer Travel Apps PAGE 45 Summer 5 District of the Year PAGE 53 UKULELE GETS RESPECT PAGE 15 LET'S BE CLEAR ABOUT CHARTER SCHOOLS We talked with educators and parents at both charter and traditional schools. While some charters deserve support, many shortchange students to make profits. What can we do? PAGE 18 18 2 F E A T U R E D E P A R T M E N T S

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