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May / June 2017

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BARGAINING ROUNDUP Details of these stories at GOLDEN PLAINS DISTRICT WANTS 13 E XTRA DAYS First, Golden Plains Teachers Association (GPTA) members warned Golden Plains Unified School District administrators that teacher turnover is hurting students as educators flee to neighboring schools because of poor compensation. Then administrators admitted in a news story that they hire intern teachers and those with short-term permits to ensure every classroom is staffed. "It's difficult to attract and keep teachers when they 're pulled and poached away," said one principal. Now the district says it will agree to GPTA's 7 percent salary raise proposal only if educators work an additional 13 days. This would mean teachers' work year would increase to 198 days, and they 'd still make less than neighboring school dis- tricts. "How would this solve the turnover in teachers?" GPTA President Henry Ortiz asks. While the district has received historic increases in funding, it has not made investments in teacher recruitment and retention. Teachers and parents are rallying to convince the school board to provide the resources, opportunities and quali- fied staff to ensure all students can succeed. See video of GPTA's Brad Riley leading members in singing "GPTA for Our Kids" at FULLERTON SPECIAL ED ACTION COMMIT TEE Fullerton Elementary Teachers Association's new contract gives members increased planning time to improve student instruction and enhance lesson plan delivery. To address ongoing concerns of special educators regarding their exceptional students, new language estab- lishes the Special Education Action Committee to evaluate student workloads and class sizes for the 2017-18 school year. Members also extended a $500 stipend program for all teachers of combination classes for an additional year, changed the title of salary columns to ease teacher eligibility, and won a 2 percent retroactive salary increase to the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. RIPON TEACHERS GET NEW CONTRACT On May 9, the Ripon Unified District Teachers Association reached a tentative agreement with the Ripon Unified School District. The agreement, later ratified by RUDTA members, offers increases in stipends for long-serving educators, counselors, and sports coaches and advisers, among others. Also included is a new master 's degree stipend of $1,500 and an extra professional development day. In addition, the contract calls for salary increases retroactive to the 2015-16 school year through the 2017-18 school year. GPTA members stand in unity. 40 advocacy

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