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December/January 2022

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Welcome to retired life! CTA/NEA-Retired Officers Declaration of Candidacy After devoting a career to public service, you are retiring from public education. CTA/NEA-Retired wants to extend a warm welcome. We invite you to join CTA/NEA-Retired, the only organization of retired educators affiliated with CTA and NEA. Enroll today by going to CTA/NEA-Retired advances the economic interests of retirees by advocating for: • Universal health care for all Americans • Medicare/Affordable prescription drugs • Preserving and improving our defined-benefit pension plans • Repeal of the unfair offset provisions to Social Security Upon retiring and joining CTA/NEA-Retired, you will continue to receive the following benefits and services: • Comprehensive insurance program • Entertainment and travel discounts • Million dollar liability policy when working as a substitute • Group Legal Services Program • Political Action/Legislative Advocacy • Monitoring CalSTRS and CalPERS board meetings/activities CTA/NEA-Retired will be holding elections for the following offices: President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer of CTA/NEA-Retired Term: 2 years, beginning June 26, 2022 Requirements: A candidate must be a member of CTA/NEA-Retired Anyone wishing to run for office must submit a Declaration of Candidacy online beginning January 4, 2022. The deadline to submit the Declaration of Candidacy is January 28, 2022. Questions — please email German Rodriguez/Unsplash

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